Rosacea and Redness

Rosacea is a common skin condition that causes redness and visible blood vessels on the surface of facial skin. It may also produce small, red, pus-filled bumps and can be diagnosed by your GP.

Rosacea can occur in anyone but it more common in women over 30 with fair skin. Indications of Rosacea include: facial redness, swollen lumps and bumps, eye problems (dryness, irritation and redness), and enlarged nose (thickening of the skin on the nose).

Left untreated, symptoms of rosacea can worsen, and while there's no cure for rosacea, treatments can focus on controlling and reducing signs and symptoms.

A treatment plan will normally require prescriptive medication that your GP can provide and reviewing your skincare routine. Non-irritating skin products are best for Rosacea sufferers and a use of a high daily sunscreen to protect your skin from the suns rays.

You may also be advised to avoid triggers, which often include spicy foods, alcohol, temperature extremes, sunlight/wind, exercise, cosmetics and drugs that control blood pressure.

When necessary, lasers and peels or resurfacing skin treatments can reduce redness, and visible blood vessels.

Our fully trained staff will meet with you to discuss your options and develop a personalised treatment plan to reduce the appearance of Rosacea and improve your skin confidence. This may include a combination of treatments and take home product.

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