Booking Policy

Atelier Clinic, believes that following a recommended skincare regime is important for achieving the best results from the treatments. It is necessary that patients follow the skincare regime prepared by their practitioner. Results may be substandard if the recommended pre and post-care instructions, as well as the skincare and treatment regime, are not followed. The results of the treatments cannot be predicted or guaranteed and we will not offer refunds or compensation unless they are found to be at fault through a failure in the treatment process, negligence, or breach of our duty of care. 

Atelier Clinic will offer appropriate support to patients who follow the advice given by their practitioners. This support will be determined through a consultation process involving the clinic's clinical team, external experts, and device or product suppliers, if necessary. Patients may request an independent assessment of their results, which will be completed internally. An external review will not be offered until all internal procedures have been exhausted. 

(1) Bookings:

1. Bookings are made on a first-come-first-served basis.

2. Bookings are not confirmed until payment of the required fee is received. 

3. Atelier Clinic may hold an appointment for up to 24 hours to allow fee payment, but reserves the right to reallocate unconfirmed appointments without prior notice to ensure scheduling efficiency.

(2) Fees & Charges:

1. A minimum fee (per hour) of £50 is required to secure an appointment with a therapist and a minimum fee (per hour) of £100 with a doctor. Following an appointment, the fee will be credited toward any treatment (including treatment had on the day but excluding product purchases).

2. The deposit payment for treatments or courses costing £1000 or more must be paid prior to treatment being performed.

3. All accounts are to be settled prior to leaving the clinic.

(3) No Right to Demand Treatment:

1. Booking an appointment does not guarantee treatment, as the decision to treat will depend on a medical assessment and the professional opinion of the staff.

2. The clinic cannot provide treatment if there are contraindications, allergies, or other factors that may result in an adverse outcome, including psychological concerns. If a consultation has been paid for, it may result in information and advice only.

3. The final decision to offer treatment rests with the doctor or therapist and is at their discretion.

(4) Missed Appointments:

As a busy clinic, we invest in world-class treatments, devices, and staff training, and ensure compliance with all necessary operating standards and fixed operational costs, including health and safety. While we aim to be flexible and patient-focused, we cannot operate a viable business when patients fail to attend appointments or do not give sufficient notice for changes or cancellations. Our cancellation fees help to cover the sunk cost, lost time, and overheads incurred from missed appointments.

The clinic requires patients to adhere to minimum notice periods for cancellations in order to allow the clinic to reallocate the appointment and avoid a cancellation fee.

  • A minimum of 48 hours notice is required to cancel or reschedule any appointment of one hour or less.
  • In exceptional circumstances, the clinic's management may waive the cancellation fee.
  • Should you be unable to attend your appointment, please contact us as soon as possible. 

The cancellation fee for missed appointments is equal to the fee due for the appointment that has been missed. For missed follow-up appointments for injectable treatments, there is no cancellation fee, but a fee of £50 is required to be paid to rebook a subsequent follow-up appointment.

(5) Skin Consultations:

1. Skin consultations with therapists will incur a non-refundable and non-redeemable fee of £50 for skin consultations where the patient has not undergone any treatment in the clinic. 

2. Patients are entitled to complimentary follow-up every six months where at least £500 has been spent on skincare products in the same six-month period and where the patient is not undergoing any treatment in the clinic.

3. Please note we are unable to offer support to patients who have purchased skincare products elsewhere. 

4. Missed skin consultations or those not rescheduled with at least 48 hours' notice, regardless of whether you have purchased your products from us or not, will incur a cancellation fee of £50. 

5. Skin consultations with our doctors include detailed skin analysis and are available with our Medical Director, Dr. Aggie Zatonska, for a fee of £200 or with Dr. Stephanie for a fee of £100. Please note that consultation fees with our doctors are non-redeemable.

(6) Product Purchases:

1. Products recommended by our therapists are part of a treatment protocol that will include several different products.

2. Non-adherence to a complete skincare protocol is not evidence of a product's failure to perform. The performance of our skincare products is not guaranteed and cannot be determined following short-term use.

3. Products for take home or at home use will be eligible for a full refund on the condition that the product(s) is returned unopened and un-used within 14 days of initial purchase date. Products returned after 14 days and before 28 days of initial purchase date will be eligible for a clinic credit. 

4. If there are any faults or concerns regarding a product, please report them to the clinic as soon as possible. Reports should be sent in writing and include a full description of the concern, along with photographs of the product. If the fault is due to a reaction to a product, then a photo of the reaction will be required to process a replacement.

5. Refunds or replacements will be given for physical faults with any of our products, in line with your statutory rights.

(7) Refunds:

1. Refunds are routinely not offered once a treatment has been booked as time and resources are allocated well in advance. However, a reasonable cooling-off period will be offered but in all instances, the cancellation policy must be followed.

2. We will honour a 14 day "top-up" treatment at no further cost to the client at the discretion of the original injector and subject to file review. The "top-up" treatment will apply to the area treated during the original treatment visit. Injectable treatments are not eligible for refunds or store credit.

3. We endeavour to undertake treatment to your satisfaction and to meet your expectations. In the event that we do not deliver to your expectations please make your concerns known to the clinic manager who will assist you to the best of their abilities. Individual treatments are not eligible for a refund or clinic credit.

4. We will honour a full refund on any pre-paid course of treatments on condition that the refund request is made within 14 days of the initial purchase date and that no treatment has been undertaken or received. Refund requests between 14 and 28 days of initial purchase date will be eligible for a clinic credit on condition that no treatment has been undertaken or received.

(8) Price Quotes & Estimates:

1. Prices provided by reception team before a consultation are estimates only.

2. Only prices quoted by a doctor, therapist, Operations Manager or aesthetic practitioner during an in-person consultation will be honored within three months of issue.

3. If the treatment protocol is revised, the patient can proceed under the quoted protocol and price, but must accept that the treatment results may be affected.

(9) Late Arrivals:

1. If you arrive late for your appointment, Atelier Clinic's staff will do their best to provide full treatment, but may not be able to keep other patients waiting.

2. If your appointment cannot be completed due to your late arrival, a cancellation fee in line with policy (2) must be paid prior to rebooking. However, if your appointment cannot run on time due to a fault of the clinic, it will be rescheduled without charge.

3. Please note that while appointments are booked with sufficient time for each patient, delays may occur due to adverse events or reactions that require proper treatment. The clinic will make allowances for certain levels of patient delays, but proper treatment for every patient must be ensured.

(10) Attending Your Appointment:

1. Children are not allowed in the treatment rooms. Patients can bring a chaperone or request a staff member to act as a chaperone, which should be notified at the time of booking.

2. Patients are responsible for providing accurate medical history and failure to do so may result in liability for any damage or injury caused.

3. Patients are also advised to avoid alcohol and recreational drugs 48 hours before or after their appointment, and must notify the doctor or therapist if they have consumed any substances not listed on their medical form.

(11) Guaranteed Outcomes:

1. Atelier Clinic does not guarantee treatment outcomes, and no claims are made or implied that any treatment will be successful. the treatment results of each treatment may vary as they are dependent on individual factors such as skin type, age, lifestyle, and health, among others.

2. Refunds cannot be provided once a treatment has been performed. However, where appropriate and in the opinion of the Medical Director, further or different treatment may improve the outcome and may be offered to the patient at a marginal cost.

(12) Pain Management Protocols:

1. If a patient chooses to waive the recommended pain management protocol by their doctor or senior aesthetics practitioner, Atelier Clinic will not be held responsible for the outcome of the treatment.

2. Not following the recommended pain management protocol may result in suboptimal treatment outcomes, and subsequent treatments will not be offered in lieu.


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