Milia, or milk spots as they are also known, are raised, pearly-white or yellowish bumps on the skin. They are most often seen on the skin around the cheeks, nose, eyes and eyelids, forehead and chest.

A Milium is classed as a type of tiny skin cyst filled with a protein called keratin. A few are usually found together and so they are called milia. They are formed when keratin becomes entrapped beneath the skin and an individual milium is formed at the base of a hair follicle or sweat gland.

Milia are harmless and, can eventually disappear on their own accord. However, in some people, milia can persist for months or even become permanent.

Many people want to remove milia for cosmetic reasons and opt for a simple one-off treatment. Milia is commonly removed using a fine sterile needle to create an incision to extract the contents.

It is important to go to a reputable clinic to have this procedure done as it can lead to skin damage and scarring or infection if you try to squeeze them yourself at home.

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