Eye Bags

As we age skin sags and facial fat facial decreases underneath the skin between our lower eyelids and upper cheeks, this results in a ‘hollow’ tear-trough. Eye bags can then develop by protruding normal fatty tissue under the eyes.

The underlying cause for the protruding under eye bags (fatty tissue) is the same as for the tear trough; namely loss of collagen and lack of support by surrounding tissues, which would normally hold the fatty tissue in its place.

In the past the only option would have been to surgically remove the fatty tissue but for those that want to avoid going under the knife there is a non-invasive, subtle treatment option available nowadays. Using Hyaluronic Acid (HA) fillers we can fill out the tear-trough hollow providing a soft and natural correction, bringing it back in line with the skin level and reducing the appearance of the ‘bag’.