Ageing Skin

As we age, wrinkles appear, skin loses its elasticity, becomes thinner; drier and paler, and blood vessels can become visible. Pores may increase in size, and we lose volume to our facial features as the underlying structural support to the skin (fat pads and bone structure) changes and diminishes.

We first tend to notice the start of these changes from 25, starting with fine lines, which develop into wrinkles, then loss of facial volume and then density.

Rather than a single cause ageing skin can be affected by a number of external and internal factors, such as excessive sun exposure or sun damage, diet and nutrition, lifestyle, smoking, pollution, blood supply and genetics. These factors can accelerate the ageing process and the demise in our skin’s structure and functionality.

Advances in the aesthetic industry means there is an extensive range of treatments available these days to combat the signs of ageing on the face, décolletage and hands without the need for surgery.

Our fully trained staff will meet with you to discuss your options and develop a personalised treatment plan to help you age with confidence. This may include a combination of treatments and take home product.

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These include: